Add Me to Search: Create your Virtual Visiting Card on Google Search

We all have the guilty pleasure of searching our own name in the Google search engine. But…umm, what we get most is our social media profiles. Come on, we are not some celebrities. Let us deal with it. However, this tech giant rolled out a new feature — People Cards on 12th August 2020 that lets us govern the search results of our own name.

If you ever tried to search for any business or a person, Google usually displays Knowledge Panel which comes with rich relevant data in a box to the side. Similarly, anyone with Google Account can now create their virtual visiting card with information like name, website, occupation, work, and even social media handles. People Cards aimed to increase the visibility for personal brands like influencers, freelancers, prospective employees, self-employed individuals, entrepreneurs, or anyone who just wants to be discovered.

The India-first feature which has been in testing for years helps you highlight your existing website or social profiles you want you people to visit/look at. Additionally, the users also get to a short bio or information you want others to know. People Cards presently works in English for mobile users.

Here’s how you can create your card on Google

Creating a card is easy peasy. Just make sure you are logged in with your Google Account with a valid mobile number.

  1. Type your name or “add me to search” on the search engine as below. Tap on “Get Started” as highlighted

2. Then you will be directed to a page where you can add/edit your information. As asked, fill your name, business/company name, phone number, email address, occupation, designation, and your photograph.

3. Once done, you can preview your card and if everything is at its place. Then hit on Save to make your People Card live. Yay!

4. For demo, I have attached my People Card below. Check it out:

You can go to the Google search app on your mobile and search for your name. The search results will show you the card you’ve just created.

Okay, fine! I’ve got it. But what do I get from creating a People Card?

Well, you don’t get millions in your bank account but this could help you drive those numbers to your account.

  • The prime purpose of cards is to allow individuals to have a public profile on Google Search that displayed on top of all search results.
  • Now you can show what you care about, who you really are, and what you do.
  • To prevent spam and abuse, Google allows only one card per Google account.
  • If you’re trying to find someone’s authenticate information on Search, these cards come in handy to find the right person as when you search you would be able to see a module with name, profession, and location.

There you go! Happy business y’all :)

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